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Friday , August 31 2018
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Top 7 Books Like Catching Jordan

Jordan Woods is not only surrounded by hot guys but she is the captain of her high school football team. They see him as one of the guys but suddenly with the arrival of Ty Green everything changes. He is amazingly hot and a better Quarterback than Jordan. Now her heart and her position in the team are both on the line. Some similar books are suggested below.

1- Shut Out

Shut Out

High school sports teams usually have rivalry with one another but at Hamilton High, the football team versus soccer team situation exists. Lissa is sick of it and wants to end this rivalry for once and for all. Randy is her quarterback boyfriend who mostly ditches her to pick a fight with soccer team. Randy’s car has been egged on certain occasions while Lissa and Randay are making out inside the car.

2- Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser

Willow Thomas quits her high school cheerleading squad after she fell badly. She auditions for a musical production but discovers that she will be performing opposite Eli McAvoy who was her best friend three years ago. Her singing is not up to the mark and her dog is sick. Things are looking bad for Willow but Eli McAvoy has improved within the past three years. He has developed good looks and confidence.







3- Major Crush

Major Crush

Virginia Sauter after getting tired of the beauty-pageant circuit applies for dram major of her high school marching band. She wins but she has to share the title with Drew because his family has held the position for generations. They constantly keep arguing but slowly they fall in love with each other and now their band’s success is in danger during drum major’s heated competition.









4- From What I Remember

From What I Remember

Kylie wakes up from a massive hangover in a beautiful bedroom. Everything feels wonderful until she recognizes the beautiful boy sleeping next to her. She remembers that she is supposed to give a speech at her high school graduation in five hours.










5- Lovestruck Summer

Lovestruck Summer

Priscilla Parker is eighteen years old and is staying for an internship at a well-known studio with her cousin Penny. She loves to go by the name Quinn and indie band is her favorite music. She is determined to find her ideal dream boy while staying in Austin. She meets local DJ, Sebastian and she’s sure he is the one.









6- Playing Hurt

Playing Hurt

Star basketball player Chelsea took a horrible fall in a game and metal plate now holds her together. She is taken by her dad for a three-week summer “boot camp” at northern Minnesota lake resort. She is drawn immediately to her trainer Clint who is an ex-hockey player and just nineteen years old. He has also faced traumatic past. She is now in trouble as she draws nearer and nearer to Clint compromising her loyalty with devoted boyfriend back home.





7- Epic Fail

Epic Fail

The name might be Epic Fail, but the story isn’t an epic fail. Elise Benton has a snotty sister, her dad is mathematics teacher and her mum is principal. She moved with her family to Los Angeles and everyone at her school definitely knows a movie star. She feels something about a boy Derek who is termed trouble by Grant. Her sister Juliana carves friendship with Chase who is best friends with Derek. Elise has to figure out a mess of misunderstandings and misjudgments to get out of the mess.

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