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Top 10 books like The Perks of Being a Wallflower

It is a novel by Stephen Chbosky published back in 1999 by Pocket Books. The novel is based on a 15-year-old teenager Charlie describing his experiences in letters to anonymous recipient. He discusses his two traumatic experiences from his past i.e. the death of his only middle-school friend and death of his favorite aunt. Charlie makes new friends Sam and Patrick who happen to be sister and brother. Charlie and Sam fall in love and Sam kisses him to make sure that his first kiss is from someone who loves him. In the end, Charlie comes to terms with his past. Some similar books like The Perks of Being a Wallflower are listed below.

1.  The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides

Written by Jeffrey Eugenides, this fictional story describes the short life of five sisters. Their neighbors struggle to find reasons or explanations for their tragic acts. After the eldest sister commits suicide, their house become dark and their lives are being watched by their parents very closely. Nonetheless the girls find a way to meet men and have sex from which their catholic parents want to keep them away. All remaining four sisters commit suicide at once but Mary survives and later ends her life by overdose of sleeping pills.

2. Hard Love

Hard Love

It is an award winning young adult novel by Ellen Wittlinger published in 1999. The story tells us about a boy John whose parents divorced six years ago, meets Marisol who is a lesbian. They both initially meet because they both love writing zines describing their life stories. He falls in love with Marisol but she is strictly lesbian and when John takes her along to the junior prom, she thinks he wants to take her as a friend but things turn out otherwise. In the end, John finds Dianna and both of them develop relationship while John finishes last year of his high school.

3. Hate List

Hate List

Author Jennifer Brown’s novel “Hate List” was published in 2009 and it follows a shooting incidence in a high school from the point of view of Valerie Leftman. Valerie’s boyfriend Nick Levil was the shooter and both of them created a Hate List but Valerie didn’t know that Nick was serious about it and intended to take action. During the shooting, Valerie puts herself in front of a victim and is shot in the leg while Nick kills himself. Her friends, family and colleagues circles start to fall apart and the girl whose life she saved befriends her. In the end she learns how to forgive and standup for herself and find mental peace.

4. Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why

A 2007 New York Times Bestseller by Jay Asher that is about a young adult named Clay Jensen who is a shy and quiet high school student who meets an anonymous person while returning from school to home in his doorstep. He gave him cassettes recorded by Hannah Baker, Clay’s crush who committed suicide recently. In cassettes she has recorded her voice telling 12 students the thirteen reasons why she committed suicide and how they are responsible for it. In the end Clay meets Skye his middle school crush with seemingly suicidal intentions and he turns and says “Skye”.

5. If I Stay

If I Stay

The story of 17-year-old Mia Hall is written by Gayle Forman published in 2009. Mia tries to deal with events after a car accident killing her family and she is the only one to survive after coming out of a coma. She finds out that she is having an out-of-body experience where her soul has detached from her body. In the end her friend Adam reaches and begs her to stay so she changes her mind about leaving the world and returns to her body.

 6. Before I fall

Before I fall

It is the story of 17-year-old Samantha Kingston (Sam) killed in a car accident that took place in her hometown Ridgeview. During the final seconds of her horrifying and painful death, memories of the past flashes through her mind but the following morning she wakes up in her bed. She realizes that she is reliving the last day of her life for some reason probably to make things right. During the course of reliving her last day of her life, she gets in depression, finding a way to change things but finally accepts the fate.

 7. The Book Thief

The Book Thief

Australian author Markus Zusak wrote this book in 2005 and it has won numerous awards as was listed on The New York Times Bestseller list for more than 200 weeks. It mentions the story of nine-year-old German girl Liesel Meminger during World War II. After the death of her brother she goes to her new home and meets her foster parents Hans and Rosa. After her foster parents give shelter to a Jewish man Max, the family is endangered even more. Her foster father teaches her to read in secret and Liesel starts to write. She starts to steal books and embarks on journey of self-discovery.

8. Speak


Laurie Halse Anderson wrote this novel published in 1999 and it tells the story of a high school student Melinda Sordino who busted an end-of-summer party accidently due to an incident which is not known and her peers shame her for calling the police. She stops speaking altogether because she could not verbalize what happened and she starts to express herself in the art. Through her art, she faces her problems and recreates her identity.

9. The Selection

The Selection

Kiera Cass’s first book in The Selection Series published in 2012 is about America Singer, who lives in a world of 8 castes. Although pressurized by her mother named Magda and sister named May, she has no interest to enter the competition for selection of the crown of princess due to her dating with Aspen. Later circumstances change and she enters the competition and starts to like the prince. Eventually Aspen enters the picture again and America becomes confused who she loves more.

10. Divergent


Debut novel of Veronica Roth published back in 2011. It is the first in a series of Divergent trilogy novels. The world is divided into five factions based on their abilities. Beatrice Prior is a sixteen-year-old girl who has the ability to fit in three different factions. This according to her instructor named Four is a very dangerous thing to reveal as she is Divergent as well. Since Divergent cannot be controlled by the rulers so the chances of Divergent being killed by rulers are optimum. Beatrice goes through a long struggle and war to finally board a train to Amity sector in order to find rest of Abnegation survivors.


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