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Thursday , June 7 2018
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The Lyra Novels by Patricia C. Wrede

The main characteristic of this series of novels is that every book in the series is a stand-alone and can be read in any order you want. The setting of the novels is in a world with many different cultures and religions with three different non-human races. First book in the series is about Princess Alethia who is kidnapped after her 20th birthday. She has to return to her kingdom relying on her knife-throwing skills and old legends of magic.

Daughter of WitchesThere is not any worst time for you to visit Drinn as opposed to over the Midwinter Celebration, once the city entrance is closed to ensure no outsider could experience the temple’s secret rituals. Within an inn, when a younger woman named Rania operates as an indentured servant for a challenging innkeeper, 3 visitors have overstayed their welcome. Attempting to protect Ranma from her master’s harshness, these reveal their own magical capabilities as well as attract the attention of the forehead guards. Right now, to save her new friends from certain death, Ranma must unleash the energy which expense the girl parents their lives. The Harp of Imach ThysselWhen Emerick and also Flindaran depart the caravan seeking adventure, it isn’t well before they come across great possibility.

ISBN 1453274707 (ISBN13: 9781453274705)
series Lyra #1-5

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