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Thursday , June 14 2018
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The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

The Kind Worth Killing is a suspense, mystery and thriller of Peter Swanson. The book contains the elements of sex and deception. The story of an accidental encounter that resulted in a deadly murder. After ‘The Girl with a Clock for a Heart’, it is the masterpiece of Peter Swanson. Commenting on the book, Washington Post has stated: “The Kind Worth Killing should be a contender for crime fiction’s best first novel of 2014”. On the nights flight from London to Boston, Ted Severson meets the mystical Lily Kintner. Discussing a single too many martinis, the actual guests start to enjoy a game of reality, exposing personal information regarding themselves. Ted discusses their wedding and his awesome wife Miranda, who he’s sure is being unfaithful upon him. However their game turns darkish when Ted jokes which he could kill Miranda for which she’s carried out. Lily, without missing a defeat, says smoothly,

“I’d like to help.”

Originally published: February 1, 2015
Author: Peter Swanson
Original title The Kind Worth Killing
ISBN  0062267523 (ISBN13: 9780062267528)
Edition language English
Characters Ted Severson, Lily Kintner, Miranda Severson, Brad Daggett, Eric Washburn…more

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