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Sunday , June 10 2018
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The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley

Aerin could hardly remember an occasion when she’d unfamiliar the history; she had grown up realizing it. It had been the history of her mommy, the witch woman who enspelled the actual king into marrying her, to obtain an heir that will concept Damar; also it had been stated to that she switched her face to the walls and also passed away associated with losing hope when she identified she had borne a little girl rather than a son. Aerin had been that little girl. However, there was clearly a lot of stories not yet been told; Aerin’s future had been higher than even she’d dreamed–for she was to be the true hero who does own the effectiveness of nowhere Sword.

Originally published: 1984
Author: Robin McKinley
Followed by: The Blue Sword
Genres: Fantasy literature
Publisher: HarperCollins
Awards: John Newbery Medal

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