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Friday , June 8 2018
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11 Books like The Martian

In case despite everything you’re rehashing segments about Watney’s original and decimating trial and blunders of survival, then there’s most likely you’ll cherish similar science fiction books like these recorded beneath. Make a point to plan a couple free Sols in your organizer throughout the following couple of weeks to …

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10 Historical Fiction Books to Read after Outlander

After reading the series of Diana Gabaldon Outlander, we are sure you must be looking for other series books like Outlander. Well, you must look for its alternatives because Outlander has created the thirst for exploration in the bookish. What is the actual meaning of fiction, historical events, warfare, honor, …

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10 Similar Dystopian Science Fiction Books like The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is an award winning a book by the one of the bestselling author James Dashner. It is also the first young adult and science fiction book on the same titled The Maze Runner series. The plot of the story is simple that is full of science and …

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