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Friday , June 8 2018
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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander is romance, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and historical fiction book that is written by an American author Diana Gabaldon. Commenting on the plot and theme of Outlander, Publishers Weekly said: “Absorbing and heartwarming, this first novel lavishly evokes the land and lore of Scotland, quickening both with realistic and a feisty, likable heroine.” Outlander has won the award of “Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award” for “Best Romance of 1991”.

Hurled back in its history by simply forces she is unable to realize, Claire is actually vaulted towards the intrigues regarding lairds and also agents that could warn her lifetime, as well as destroy her heart. Regarding here James Fraser, a gallant younger Scottish soldier, demonstrates her an appreciation hence complete that will Claire receives a female torn between faithfulness and desire and in between 2 significantly various gentlemen in 2 irreconcilable lifestyles.

Originally published: June 1, 1991
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Page count: 640
Followed by: Dragonfly in Amber
Characters: Jamie Fraser, Claire Fraser, Jonathan Randall, more
Genres: Historical drama, Romance novel

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