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Thursday , June 7 2018
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The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston

Next book that is like Outlander is The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston. After ‘The Witch’s Daughter’ and ‘The Winter Witch’, it is one of the best magical tales written by Brackston. The story of a young witch who is given choice to select between loyalty and love. Bound to defend her residence and her family, she must learn to use her power, or she will lose everything. Publishers Weekly remarked it as “historical paranormal”. Huffington Post states: “It is a must read book for everyone who loves magic set in the real world.”

Before the day, she becomes familiar with Bram, an experienced artist who will be neither a wizard nor a part of her class. Along with him, they must not really secret and also quiet. Regardless of her commitment towards the cover as well as an obligation in order to her family members, Lilith are unable to preserve her lifetime like a witch secret belonging to the gentleman she enjoys.

Originally published: March 25, 2014
Author: Paula Brackston

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