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Thursday , June 7 2018
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The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Next science fiction trilogy that is like The Hunger Games is ‘The Maze Runner’ series that contains ‘The Maze Runner’, ‘The Scorch Trials’, ‘The Death Cure’ and prequel, ‘The Kill Order’. Whole series of The Maze Runner is the amazing and mastery of science fiction, young adult, and post-apocalyptic dystopian. The Maze Runner is written by an American author James Dasher. The Maze Runner has been also adapted for film by Fox under the same name. It is surely a marvelous and timeless adventure surrounded with interesting characters and contains a big mystery.

Originally published: October 6, 2009
Author: James Dashner
Preceded by: The Fever Code
Followed by: The Scorch Trials
Adaptations: The Maze Runner (2014)
Characters: Minho, Teresa, Gally, Thomas, Chuck

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