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Sunday , September 2 2018
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The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Quentin Coldwater is a high school student with high IQ but low social skills who gets accepted in an exclusive but secret college for magicians. Soon he realizes that his fantasy coming true is not going to solve all his problems. He gets bored from learning magic when during a class some otherworldly horror comes to the college and eats a student. After graduation Quentin along with his friends go to Fillory, a fantasy land where they discover that The Beast that ate a student in their college is here and it is none other than Martin Chatwin, the eldest child from Fillory family who sacrificed his humanity to stay in the magical world.

Originally published: August 11, 2009
Author: Lev Grossman
Followed by: The Magician King
Characters: Quentin Coldwater, Alice Quinn, Eliot Waugh, Janet Pluchinsky, Josh Hoberman
Nominations: Goodreads Choice Awards Best Fantasy, Goodreads Choice Awards Best Fiction
Genres: Fantasy, Contemporary fantasy, High fantasy

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