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Wednesday , June 6 2018
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The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham

Cithrin is an orphan girl who escapes with Marcus, a former general from city that is under siege in this epic fantasy series. A traveling theatre troupe helps them escape but now both of them have to smuggle treasury of the lost city through an area under fierce war. Armies are seeking the riches and kings want both of them dead.

Cithrin is definitely orphan, maintain of the financial residence. Her job is usually to smuggle a state’s wealth across a battleground, concealing the gold bullion from both parties. She understands the secret life of the business sector just like a 2nd terminology, however the recommendations for business isn’t going to protect her from swords.

Geder, singular scion of the respectable house, provides a lot more interest in philosophy compared to swordplay. An undesirable excuse for a soldier, he could be a second hand during these games. It’s impossible to forecast exactly what he will become.


original title  The Dragon’s Path
ISBN  1841498874 (ISBN13: 9781841498874)
edition language  English

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