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Wednesday , June 6 2018
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Deerskin by Robin McKinley

Like Queen Lissla Lissar grows to womanhood, it’s obvious for all the country in which within her beauty she is the actual picture of her dead mom, the actual queen. However this similarity allows her to leave her dad’s desire and madness; as well as in the pain sensation and also testimonies of this flight she does not remember exactly who she is along with what it’s she flees coming from: does not remember everything however the love and devotion of her puppy, Ash, which is connected with her. However, an opportunity come across on the highway results in a job throughout another king’s kennels, in which the employer finds himself falling in love with the newest kennel maid and one day he explains to her of the princess or queen named Lissla Lissar, that had a dog named Ash.

Originally published: June 1, 1993
Author: Robin McKinley
Genres: Fairytale fantasy
Publisher: Ace Books
Country: United States of America
Nominations: James Tiptree, Jr. Award, Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel, Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature

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