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Friday , August 31 2018
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6 Books Similar to The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

The Girl of the Train is for those readers who have already familiar with the psychological thriller of the ‘Gone Girl’. The Girl on the Train as regarded as the book who will ultimately change your way of looking at the lives of other people. It is no doubt that The Girl of the Train is a thrilling, emotionally plotted and an electrifying debuted book of an English author Paula Hawkins. The books was published on the first month of the 2015 and The New York Times has declared it the ‘Fiction Bestsellers of 2015’. Before moving for similar books like The Girl on the Train, you are recommended to read it again and then move for similar books like The Girl of the Train.

  1. The Kind Worth Killing:

the-kind-worth-killing-jacketThe Kind Worth Killing is a suspense, mystery and thriller of Peter Swanson. The book contains the elements of sex and deception. The story of an accidental encounter that resulted in a deadly murder. After ‘The Girl with a Clock for a Heart’, it is the masterpiece of Peter Swanson. Commenting on the book, Washington Post has stated: “The Kind Worth Killing should be a contender for crime fiction’s best first novel of 2014”.

  1. The Secret History:

The Secret HistoryA fiction book of a Mississippi born author Donna Tartt that was published in 1992. The inverted detective story of six students of Vermont College that tells how the author beautifully presented the horror of life. Author give the touch to story in a style that reader feels it is really happening around him. A well-presented chemistry of class warfare, social anxiety, and unexpected mystery that it doesn’t feels it was written two decades ago. The book is written in a neo-romanticist prose style.

  1. Unlovely:

Unlovely bookUnlovely is a book that contains the elements of psychological suspense and thrillers. The book can be said as like The Girl on the Train because of its thrilling and electrifying plot but on the other side of the picture it is totally different from The Girl on the Train as the author Claudia Milford has sketched the harsh realities of life in a unique and amazing way that will be revealed while reading. A book that force the readers to read the same page again and again. It will surely captivate you in its magical lines.

  1. Descent:

Johnston_DescentDescent is the story of a suddenly vanished girl on sunny day in summer season. The plot is that a small family is on summer vacation on The Rocky Mountains when their eighteen year old daughter Caitlin who go with her younger brother Sean for outing in mountains, didn’t return. Suddenly the environment started to change as one seen in horrible and suspense movies. A book that is written by Tim Johnson with a precision that captivate the emotions of readers. Every page is full with thriller and suspense.

  1. The Daylight Marriage:

The Daylight MarriageNext book that is like The Girl on the Train is The Daylight Marriage. This book is for those who have already read ‘The Lovely Bones’, ‘The Descendants’ and ‘The Girl of the Train’. A story of undisclosed love and unnecessary loss. “A riveting and heartbreaking” – as Geraldine Brooks commented. The Daylight Marriage shows us the dark and delicate nature of marriage. The author Heidi Pitlor has beautifully crafted two mysteries in the book by maintaining the equal suspense and mystery for both stories. Tom Perrotta said, “This book is fast moving, shocking crime story, emotionally complex, and ultimately heartbreaking.”

  1. The Pocket Wife:

The Pocket WifeThe Pocket Wife is about the bipolar disorder of a woman. After ‘The Silent Wife’, ‘Turn of Mind’ and ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ it is another psychological thriller of Susan H. Crawford. A woman who killed her friend and is not believing that she can commit this because of fighting with bipolar disorder. A books that tells, explores the world via the foggy lens of a mental disordered woman. Marriage, murder and madness, all are at one place.


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