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Tuesday , June 12 2018
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A Virtuous Woman by Kaye Gibbons

This book is written by Kaye Gibbons’ who has portrayed two ill-matched people miraculously making a marriage work. Blinking Jack Stokes meets Ruby Pitt Woodrow when she was only twenty and he was forty years old. He was a skinny tenant farmer and she was carefully raised daughter of Carolina. She was newly widowed and they didn’t fall in love but simply found each other.

Kaye Gibbons’s 1st novel, Ellen Foster, achieved the Prosecute Kaufman Reward regarding 1st Fiction through the United states Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters as well as the reward of authors by Walker Percy to Eudora Welty. Inside A Virtuous Woman, Gibbons goes beyond her earlier promises, developing a multi layered and indelibly effective face of two relatively ill-matched individuals who someway amazingly make a marriage.

Originally published: April 1989
Author: Kaye Gibbons
Genres: Novel
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company
Country: United States of America
OCLC: 18223949

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