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Thursday , June 7 2018
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8 More Similar Books like Jack Reacher by Lee Child

Jack Reacher is a leading fictional character featured in British Author Lee Child’s book series. In books Jack Reacher is former Major in US Army Military Police who quits the force at age of 36 after serving for 13 years wandering all over USA; doing odd jobs and investigates suspicious and dangerous situations. 19 novels in the book series are published while the 20th is expected soon. If you are a fan of Jack Reacher, then you might like the following books as well.

1. Riders of the Purple Sage

Riders of the Purple Sage

This novel is written by Zane Grey in 1912 featuring the character of Lassiter who is a gunman and described as “snake mean and rawhide tough”. Although the character is described in old world but it resembles much modern Jack Reacher in various ways. The sequel of “Riders of the Purple Sage” was published in 1915 and titled as “The Rainbow Trail”.

2. The Saint in New York

The Saint in New York

The Saint (aka Simon Templar) is hero featured in more than 100 novels written by Leslie Charteris. He is a wandering Robin Hood who loves good food and fine clothing. He has vast knowledge of airplanes, horses and knives. Though he has been featured in more than 100 books by the author, “The Saint in New York” is the first bestseller in the series so it is a must read.

3. The Hunter

The Hunter

The character Parker is featured in this book by writer Richard Stark. Parker is machinelike efficient personality who is ruthless and criminal like character. He will not mess with anyone but once he is messed with, he will take brutal revenge from the person who messes with him. He is the best at what he does and he is featured in a series of books by Richard Stark “The Hunter”, “The Man with the Getaway Face” and “The Outfit”.

4. The Dreadful Lemon Sky

The Dreadful Lemon Sky

John D. MacDonald’s protagonist Travis McGee is adventurous; cruising on his boat and he is always on the move. Introduced by John D. in 1964; McGee is entangled most of the time in matters where heart is involved especially when it comes to women. “The Dreadful Lemon Sky” is one of the best books he is featured in.

5. The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower

Stephen King introduced Gunslinger (aka Roland Deschain) in late 70s who wanders through Old West deserts searching for his nemesis Man in Black who is an evil entity. Gunslinger is a good man with kickass abilities and in the name of justice; he does not hesitate to kill. The series of books starts with The Dark Tower so it is advisable to start from this novel and follow up rest of the series.

6. The Hunt for Red October

The Hunt for Red October

Tom Clancy created the character of Jack Ryan in a series of books and “The Hunt for Red October” is the first in this series. Jack Ryan is portrayed as Baltimore Police Department homicide lieutenant who served in World War II. He goes through a lot of action and adventure and ends up serving the nation as president. The series started to publish in 1984 and ends in 2002 with Red Rabbit.

7. Without Remorse

Without Remorse

Without Remorse was published in 1993 by Tom Clancy and it features John Clark as his lead fictional character. He has been awarded many titles for his bravery as a Navy SEAL and has served in mission in Vietnam. He appears in many other novels by Tom Clancy as a hero.

8. Rain Fall

Rain Fall

Barry Eisler’s fictional character John Rain is featured in his novel “Rain Fall” and some other espionage novels. John Rain is for-hire assassin whose specialty is killing his targets in such a way that they seem to have died of natural causes. He is a Vietnam War veteran and has also served with the Special Forces later recruited by CIA. He is fearless and offers his services for three rules i.e. no women or children, no secondary team to be appointed on the task John Rain is handling and principal targets only (no damage to the family members of the target).

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