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Sunday , September 2 2018
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8 More Books Like A Clockwork Orange

Central character of this novel is vicious 15 years old droog who has terrorized people in futuristic nightmare vision of the author. This book tells a fable about good and evil and meaning of human freedom. Following are few suggestions of some books similar to ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

1- A Dance to the Music of Time: 3rd Movement

A Dance to the Music of Time 3rd Movement

Anthony Powell sketched the panorama of 20th century London in this four volume epic effort that is universally acclaimed. The book opens just after World War I where Nick Jenkins and his friends explore the 1920s and 1930s art, business, society and sex. In the second volume marriage and adultery, personal achievements and failures, fashion and frivolities are discussed after they moved to London. 3rd volume covers the army life of Nick evoking London during blitz. Final volume is after England had won the war and count of losses is in progress.

2- Deliverance


In the wilderness od Georgia state’s extremely remote river’s thundering froth, four men are enjoying canoe trip when one of the men turns to a human hunter and the whole fun turns to a struggle for survival.

3- The Informers

The Informers

The story takes place in recent past Los Angeles where American dreams and legends born and die. This is the chronicle of a group of people living in the city who are trapped between the beauty that the city has to offer and their own moral depravity.

4- Studs Lonigan

Studs Lonigan

Studs Lonigan trilogy is an unmatchable account of American naturalism following the hopes and debauchery of a would-be tough guy who is the main character of this book. ‘Young Lonigan’, ‘The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan’ and ‘Judgment Day’ are the three books in this series taking its readers through the turbulent years of World War I and the Great Depression.

5- Filth


Things are bad for Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson with a missing wife and son, cocaine habit, extramarital affairs but as the Christmas season approaches, he kick things off with sex and drugs in Amsterdam. Although he craves for the promotion but under current circumstances, he is not ready to get another case that is quite demanding. The things are about to go from bad to worse.

6- Under the Net

Under the Net

Jake is a writer and these days he is on hunt for a flat without a penny in his pocket. He reaches out to Anna Quentin (ex-girlfriend) and her glamorous sister who is an actress. He also resumes his contact with Hugo and these meetings involve Finn as well who is the servant-companion of Jake. Jake longs to learn the secret of Hugo but perhaps Hugo himself is his secret. Jake finally hopes to become a real writer.

7- A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly

Substance D is the most toxic drug that has ever struck the streets of LA. This drug at first destroys the link between two hemispheres of brain that causes disorientation and then damages the brain completely. An undercover narcotic agent Bob Arctor wants to discover the ultimate source of supply and disguises himself as a user but before he can realize anything, he is addicted to it.

8- The Elephant Tree

The Elephant Tree

Mark Fallon is a detective who has his plate full due to the investigation about a wave of attacks on high profile city center nightclubs. Scott is 24 years old and working hard to make ends meet and to supplement his income, he is running a small-scale drug operation. Angela is 23 years old career criminal supplying Scott with cannabis. Lives of Scott and Angela takes a dramatic and shocking turn combined with present and the past and they no longer have a clue whom to trust.

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