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Saturday , June 9 2018
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8 Books Similar to Like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Some people are keen of exploring the psychology and dynamics and results of long-term relationship. Gone Girl is such a book that fulfill the desire of those readers who always found looking for thrilling and suspense articles. Gillian Flynn is author behind this book. A book that is praised for unreliable narration, great story plot, characters drawn, plot twists, suspense and thrill. If you have not read the Gone Girl then first read the Gone Girl then move for the similar books like Gone Girl. Below mentioned list is for those whose thirst for suspense novel has not decreased.

  1. The Good Girl: 

the good girl bookFirst in the list is The Good Girl. A book that is known for electrifying story and suspense missiles. A mystical story of a kidnapped girl whose mother is finding her but all in vain. Penned down by Mary Kubica and her first debut book that has collected popularity around the world. A truly suspenseful and thriller book that reveals the bitter truth of relations that even in a perfect family, anything could happened at any time.

  1. The Secret History:

The Secret HistoryOnly few persons in the world are capable of achieving early age popularity by their first step. The Secret History that is the debut book of Donna Tartt is such a book that is nevertheless similar to Gone Girl. The book is based on the inverted detective story of six class fellows. Twist in the novel generates when a sudden mishaps arise in the life of these six class fellows that led to the murder of one of them. A 544 page spread story that will captivate you in its suspense.

  1. The Poisonwood Bible:

The Poisonwood BibleThe Poisonwood Bible is the thrilling story of a missionary family who has recently move to the Belgian Congo. The Poisonwood Bible is a bestselling novel of Barbara Kingsolver. A missionary family who is forced to live United States and has been shifted to Belgian Congo. They have to face the problem in their whole journey. After facing the hard time, they are now living in a village where people of village become fully-fleshed human beings. The book is full with metaphors about nature especially forest.

  1. Reconstructing Amelia:

Reconstructing AmeliaFor some parents, it is very hard to deal with their child when there is something unnatural running in their mind and parents become unable to tackle the problems of their beloved child. Reconstructing Amelia is the story of a girl and her mother. Daughter has been recently fired from the school. She finished her life. Mother is still not believing how her daughter can kill herself. She began to probes into her life to find the consequences of suicide. Reconstructing Amelia is written by Kimberly McCreight.

  1. Before I Go To Sleep:

before i go to sleep bookAnother successful debuted thriller and suspense book written by S. J. Watson. A book that was published in April 2011 and whose popularity has not been decreased still. It is one of the greatest mysterious book of the running century. The book that has been translated into 40 languages and become a bestseller in both United States and France. The book is about the story of a woman who is suffering from anterograde amnesia. She is facing the memorial problems and that is the plot if this book.

  1. The Secret Place:

The Secret Place bookNext book that is like Gone Girl and that can be titled as the perfect substitute of Gone Girl is The Secret Place. It is not an ordinary book. A book that contains suspense on the line and between the line and which is declared as “One of The Five Best Thrillers of 2014” by the Washington Post. It was released last year and written by Tana French who is expert in writing thrilling and mysterious stories. The electrifying story of the eight teenage boarding girls.

  1. Don’t Try to Find Me:

Don’t Try to Find Me bookDon’t Try to Find Me is the story of a fourteen-year girl who runs away from the house. Her parents switches to social media channels to locate her. They launch a public campaign to find here. The book is for those who have the idea about the story of ‘Reconstructing Amelia’ and ‘Gone Girl’. Book is the discovery of good and evil people in the world. Don’t Try to Find Me is written by Holly Brown who is best known for writing crimes and actions books.

  1. Bittersweet:

bittersweet bookBittersweet is another book that is like Gone Girl. Bittersweet is a book that is full with suspense, thrill and cinematic. The book reveals the idyllic world of privilege and an outer world of hunger. ‘After The Effects of Light’ and ‘Set Me Free’, it is the best book written by Miranda Beverly-Whitemore. The book has won the best book of scientific fiction award in United States. A book that is known for electrifying story and suspense missiles.



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