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Saturday , September 1 2018
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6 Similar Books Like Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

‘Anna and the French Kiss’ is writer Stephanie Perkins’ debut novel published back in 2010. This publication was followed by the two sequels ‘Lola and the Boy Next Door’ and ‘Isla and the Happily Ever After’. It is the story of Anna Oliphant who goes from Georgia to Paris for her senior year of high school and has dark brown hair and a bleached blond stripe. She after reaching Paris falls in love with Etienne like many other girls due to his charming and beautiful personality. Now that you have fallen in love with this book and looking for some more books to read similar to ‘Anna and the French Kiss’, following are few suggestions.

1- Meant to be

Meant to be

Authored by Lauren Morrill in 2012 and this novel features Julia going to London for a school trip but she is partnered with Jason who she doesn’t like at all. As a matter of fact, they are more like personal nemesis to each other. While they are in London, Julia start receiving romantic texts from unknown number and it is Jason who promises to help her finding the identity of her mysterious lover but asks her to agree upon breaking some of her rules during the process. A wild goose chase starts leading Julia towards her secret lover and her MTB (Meant to be).

2- Open Road Summer

Open road summer

Reagan O’Neill has just broken up with her boyfriend and her best friend Lilah Montgomery who also happens to have a broken heart recently is going on a 24-city tour as she is a country superstar. The tour is a perfect opportunity for the girl-only summer time and this is when Matt Finch joins the tour and despite her intentions to live a drama-free life for a while, it is proving difficult for Reagan to resist. This book is written by Emery Lord and her writing has received positive reviews from the readers.

3- Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction

Authored by Simone Elkeles, this novel is the second installment of ‘Perfect Chemistry’ series. This novel is about Carlos falling in love with Kiara and the obstacles faced by them while trying to be together. Here is a spoiler from the novel. Both of them get married and have three daughters and later he takes in a troubled teenager himself.

4- Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits

Author Katie McGarry writes this novel about Echo whose life suddenly changes and she wants everything back to normal when suddenly Noah Hutchins explodes into her life. She has nothing in common with Noah but for some reason they are attracted towards each other. It is when Echo asks herself what she is willing to risk for the guy who might teach her how to love once again.

5- The Trouble with Flirting

The Trouble with Flirting

Franny Pearson attending Mansfield Summer Theatre Program is busy spending time with her crush Alex and this is when a notorious flirt Harry appears and she thinks that having a little fun with him will bring no harm. The flirty romance becomes harder with the passage of time and for the first time Franny realized that flirting is even more trouble than she ever expected. This novel was published in 2013 by the author Claire LaZebnik.

6- The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight


This novel is written by Jennifer E. Smith and it is about a 17-year-old girl named Hadley Sullivan who misses her flight at JFK airport. She is late to her father’s second marriage taking place in London and this is the moment when she meets Oliver, a perfect boy. He is British and sits with her in the row. The night is long but passes by in a blink and they both lose track of each other in arrival chaos. Read the novel for yourself to find out whether they met again or statistical probability didn’t turn out well for both of them.


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