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Saturday , September 1 2018
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6 Books Similar to The Shack by William P. Young

The Shack is a religious book by William P. Young, a Canadian author. This books expounds and describes about Christian world view. In short, it deals with Christian themes in his characters and plot in a positive way. Commenting about the book, author told at the radio talk show of Drew Marshall, “The Shack is a metaphor for the places you get stuck, you get hurt, you get damaged, the thing where shame or hurt is centered.” It was the self-published book that made the place in the USA Today Bestsellers and was awarded with the “Diamond Award” by the “Evangelical Christian Publishers Association”. If you like Christian fiction books like The Shack then you must read the below mentioned books.

  1. Piercing the Darkness:

Piercing the DarknessPiercing the Darkness is a classical Christian fiction book that was written by Frank E. Peretti. It is the sequel of ‘This Present Darkness’. In fact, both books of Peretti are worth to read and are best books that are like The Shack. The book contains the open views on the prayer, demons, angels, and the spiritual realm. The book is regarded as promoting the Christian beliefs among Christians on Territorial Spirits. It has increased their interest in spiritual warfare. The book has awarded with “ECPA Gold Medallion Book Award” for “Best Fiction” in 1990.

  1. Life of Pi:

life-of-pi-coverLife of Pi is little different from The Shack. Although it is not about Christianity but it is about religion and spirituality. It is the story of a young Indian boy who is struggling with the issues of spirituality since his early age. He spends almost one year in Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal Tiger “Richard Parker”. This fantasy adventure and fiction book is written by Yann Martel, a Canadian Author. The book has won the “Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature” in “Best Adult Fiction” for years 2001-03. In 2010, American President Barack Obama wrote a letter to Martel, “Life of Pi is an elegant proof of God and the power of storytelling”.

  1. Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides:

Soul Harvest The World Takes SidesNext book that is like The Shack is Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides that is the fourth book in the series of ‘Left Behind’, written by two novelists Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. This book is about Christian dispensationalists End Times: the pretribulation, Christian eschatological, and premillennial arguments of the end of the world. It is a speculative fiction and apocalyptic fiction book that kicks off with a “Wrath of the Lamb” earthquake, and based on the story of those who are left behind in the Rapture. The authors will take you to the Iraq, America, sea and underground shelters.

  1. The Applause of Heaven:

The Applause of HeavenThe Applause of Heaven is for those who are searching for God and for those who believes there is no God or Creator. It is written by Max Lucado. Author Max Lucado is describing about joy and saying that living with blessing of God is one of the wildest imaginations in the world. Author has presented the God in his own style. He insists on imaging the God in real life as you see Him during your dreams like wearing baby clothes, riding on animals, dying for you mistakes, etc. God is your friend, dad, fan, best friend and your lawyer. He is everything of you.

  1. A Tale of Three Kings:

A Tale of Three KingsA remedy for brokenhearted people that will being clarity, peace and light in their mind. For Christians who are facing pain, loss, etc. by other believers must read A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards. Christian preachers, and leaders all over the world have suggested this powerful and simple book to make the faith on Christianity stronger. The story of book is based on the three Biblical personalities David, Saul, and Absalom that’s why it is named as A Tale of Three Kings. For its creative themes line, it has become the standard book for ministerial students in seminaries and other educational institutes.

  1. The Truth Seeker:

The Truth SeekerThe Truth Seeker is the notable work of Dee Henderson who is known as the combination master of inspirational romance, suspense and spirituality. The Truth Seeker is a well written, mastery and fun to read book. The characters drawn by the author are very sympathetic, and the plot is based on emotions and hormonal. An inspirational, romance and spiritual book that will rock your hearth and will make your belief strong on hope and your spirit.

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