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Friday , August 31 2018
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6 Books Similar to Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Hunger Games is the competition story of a twenty-four teens who are fighting in a reality show against each other. They have to kill each other in order to survive. The usage of every kind of weapons either it was arrows, fire, spears, rocks, or knives were allowed. This adventure, science fiction, drama and action book is written by American author Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games is the pack of three books namely ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Catching Fire’ and ‘Mockingjay’. All the part of books were listed at the top in New York Times Bestsellers. It is still regarded as the second most adventurous book series after ‘Harry Potter’.

  1. Matched:

matched novelQuestion arises why you should read this book? The reason is that like The Hunger Games, this book also contains the ruler with authoritarian style. Everyone showing in the book is bound to live according to orders of government from eating to sleeping. Matched is the part of ‘Matched trilogy’ whose remaining parts are ‘Crossed’ and ‘Reached’. This young adult, romance, science fiction and dystopian book is written by American author Allyson Braithwaite Condie. Reviewing on the book, Kirkus Reviews states: “Matched is a fierce, unforgettable page-turner in its own right.” It is a wonderful debut by the Condie.

  1. Battle Royale:

battle royale bookSomething strange as the next book that is like The Hunger Games is written by a Japanese author Koushun Takami. The story revolves around the high school students who are ordered by Japanese authoritarian government to fight each other till death. A final winner will be survive. The books can be described as the hallmark of dystopian, thriller, horror, adventure and alternative history. Battle Royale has been translated into over twelve international languages. Battle Royale is hundred percent like The Hunger Games but the author has presented the story of warfare in a unique and quite impressive style.

  1. Graceling:

graceling-Graceling is a fantasy and romance books written by American author Kristin Cashore. The story opens with the life of little girl Katsa who is born with extreme and extraordinary skills. Despite being the niece of king, she was forced to work as a thug for king instead of living royal life in the palace. She committed the first murder at the age of eight. ‘The Graceling Realm’ series is packed with three books that are ‘Graceling’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Bitter Blue’. School Library Journal called it “compelling and eminently likable” and called author’s style “exemplary”.

  1. The Maze Runner:

dashner-mazerunnerNext science fiction trilogy that is like The Hunger Games is ‘The Maze Runner’ series that contains ‘The Maze Runner’, ‘The Scorch Trials’, ‘The Death Cure’ and prequel, ‘The Kill Order’. Whole series of The Maze Runner is the amazing and mastery of science fiction, young adult, and post-apocalyptic dystopian. The Maze Runner is written by an American author James Dasher. The Maze Runner has been also adapted for film by Fox under the same name. It is surely a marvelous and timeless adventure surrounded with interesting characters and contains a big mystery.

  1. The Mortal Instruments:

mortal instruments piclillieThe Mortal Instruments is a set of six fantasy, urban fantasy and young adult fantasy books written by American author Cassandra Clare. Author has reflected the story in a very creative style. All books of The Mortal Instruments are worth to read. These includes: ‘City of Bones’, ‘City of Ashes’, ‘City of Glass’, ‘City of Fallen Angels’, ‘City of Lost Souls’, and ‘City of Heavenly Fire’. After reading The Hunger Games, you should read this series without wasting any time. The main theme of the series revolves around the boundaries of normalcy and social acceptance and is filled with a multiplicity of characters.

  1. Legend:

marie-lu legend bookLegend is little based on the movie ‘Less Miserables’ as the author in the series pointed towards the conflict between teens. The Legend series is the set of three books by the name of ‘Legend’, ‘Prodigy’, and ‘Champion’. This dystopian young adult science fiction, thrilling, and adventure series is penned by American author Marie Lu. “Legend doesn’t merely survive. They hype, it deserves it. A fine example of commercial fiction with razor-sharp plotting, depth of character, and commercial arc”, review by The New York Times Book Review.




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  1. You say that Battle Royale is like the Hunger Games… it’s the other way around lol

    The Hunger Games is a blatant rip-off of Battle Royale, whereas many other series and novels only found inspiration in the dystopian, authoritarian society of Japan portayed in Battle Royale.

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