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Monday , June 11 2018
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5 Books Similar to Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander is romance, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and historical fiction book that is written by an American author Diana Gabaldon. Commenting on the plot and theme of Outlander, Publishers Weekly said: “Absorbing and heartwarming, this first novel lavishly evokes the land and lore of Scotland, quickening both with realistic and a feisty, likable heroine.” Outlander has won the award of “Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award” for “Best Romance of 1991”. Following books are worth to read after Outlander and all are like Outlander.

  1. The Queen of the Tearling:

First fantasy and historic book that is like Outlander is The Queen of the Tearling that is the debuted book of Erika Johansen. This historical book is the mixture of magic, romance, mystery, suspense, thrill, and adventure. Author has seriously made hard efforts to blend all these in one story. The story of a young princess whose mother has been killed for the sake of throne and know she have to fight to reclaim her throne and defeat the ‘Red Queen’ to become a ruler. A wondrous journey of a princes towards throne and self-discovery.

  1. Lake in the Clouds:

After creative and extraordinary work in ‘Into the Wilderness’ and ‘Dawn on a Distant Shore’, Lake in the Clouds is another notable and extraordinary book of Sara Donati. In this book, Donati has captured the scenery of untamed wilderness and the history of late-eighteen century in a mastery style. A tale that is the blend of strong human relations, thrill, historical faction and mystery. Lake in the Clouds is best for those readers who are found of reading lush historical epics and thrilling backwoods adventure. A well written book along with historical elements.

  1. Fortune Hunter:

The Fortune Hunter is based on the story of 19th century’s queen who is struggling between love and duty. Not really know what to do. A book that is full of passion and historical romance written by Daisy Goodwin. Queen – Sisi- has everything in her life either it is beauty, intelligence or war skills. But there is one thing lacking that is happiness and she is founding it everywhere. After searching a lot, she finds her dream prince Captain Bay Middleton. A book that contains the historical love story of a royal couple. A mastery book that contain the touch of love and romance.

  1. The Dark Highlander

Get ready for a journey to the mystery world. A world of magic, heartbreaking sensuality, breathtaking thrilling and evil spirits. The Dark Highlander is the book of Karen Marie Moning. The book reveals the story of centuries ago. A gripping book that will leave you shocked and breathless. Book is the mixture of urban fantasy, paranormal and romance. It has appeared on the New York Bestseller List and also won the “Romance Writers of America RITA ward” for “Best Paranormal Award”.

  1. The Midnight Witch:

Next book that is like Outlander is The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston. After ‘The Witch’s Daughter’ and ‘The Winter Witch’, it is one of the best magical tales written by Brackston. The story of a young witch who is given choice to select between loyalty and love. Bound to defend her residence and her family, she must learn to use her power, or she will lose everything. Publishers Weekly remarked it as “historical paranormal”. Huffington Post states: “It is a must read book for everyone who loves magic set in the real world.”

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