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Friday , June 8 2018
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10 Similar Dystopian Science Fiction Books like The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is an award winning a book by the one of the bestselling author James Dashner. It is also the first young adult and science fiction book on the same titled The Maze Runner series. The plot of the story is simple that is full of science and adult fiction. Just read the first installment, and it will leave you dying to find out what comes next and what the final result of the story is. If you have already read The Maze Runner, then here are just other books similar to The Maze Runner that you must try.

1. The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials is a young adult and dystopian science fiction novel that got published almost near to The Maze Runner in 2010. This post-apocalyptic also written by the James Dashner. It is basically the second book in The Maze Runner series with same theme line but the different presentation and result. The Scorch Trials was adapted for the movie with the same name in 2015.

2. The Giver

Truth and justice must prevail but to find the truth you have to go back to the past. Yes, we are talking about The Giver where suspense lies in the past like a flashback of a movie. This dystopian and utopian young adult fiction novel crafted by Lois Lowry. The Giver gets published in 1993 and since then popular among the bookish. The novel is the story of twelve years old boy and the circumstances that he has been facing since his childhood.

3. Blood Red Road

For its perfect storyline, Blood Red Road was tagged as one of the most loving post-apocalyptic science fiction for young adults by The Internet Speculative Fiction Database in the year 2012. According to some critics, Blood Red Road is elevated above the standard way of writing, and the author set an engaging prose style backed by a strong narrative voice.

4. Across the Universe

This young adult and science fiction novel is packed with mystery and action. Across the Universe is written by the Beth Revis. Our main character of the story Elder has to resolve a murder mystery and has to save the ship as well containing her parents and those born on the ship over the generations. In addition to solving the mystery of the crime, she has to do a quick action to stop killer kills any more people.

5. Shades of Earth

Shades of Earth is the third novel in the series Across the Universe. It is also mystical and full of suspense where our story character Elder has to find a suspect to saving their struggling buildings and colony a future together. She has sacrificed everything belongs to her either it is family, friends or even life on earth or there is nothing more. It is about the restoration of life on earth.

6. A Million Suns

Another book that can beat The Maze Runner in term of popularity and storyline is none other but A Million Suns. Just assume a struggler turn into a leader and saving the life of others. A Million Suns is the part of Across the Universe. We are mentioning this part of Across the Universe because of its straightforward plot.

7. The Opposite of Everyone

The Opposite of Everyone is a science fiction novel containing some elements. It is written by the Joshilyn Jackson. The story will tell you what it is and how the tales are connected each other. How life breaks use, define and us and how the beginning and endings we choose impact on our life and how these can destroy us and create us. The Opposite of Everyone is New York Times bestselling novel.

8. Divergent

Getting debut novel popular at first attempt is really an award working attempt and same done by the Harper Collins. Divergent is basically a first in the same titled Divergent trilogy. Divergent is a series of the young adult and dystopian novels that are set in the strange Divergent Universe. The novel written by Harper Collins features a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago. This novel can be undoubtedly compared to The Maze Runner and Hunger Games.

9. The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is basically inspired by the Act 1 and Scene 2 of the Julius Caesar by the Shakespeare. It is the sixth novel written by the John Green. The Fault in Our Stars is the story of the sixteen-year-old girl who is suffering from cancer and forced by her parents to attend a support group in the Literal Heart of Jesus. The Fault in Our Stars is the mixture of strong characters, humor, new perspective, language, themes, and struggle against cancer.

10. Mockingjay

Mockingjay is an award-winning science fiction novel and the last in The Hunger Games series. If you want to go for the Mockingjay, then you must read it two predecessors’ series because it is the continuation of them. Millions of copies of Mockingjay have been sold so far, and the novel received a positive reaction from critics.

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