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Saturday , February 24 2018
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10 Books like Blue Bloods

Schuyler Van Alen, 15, the remainder of the line in a recognized family, is being raised by her far off and precluding grandma. Schuyler, her companion Oliver, and their new partner Dylan are dealt with like untouchables by the inner circle of prominent, athletic, and fantastic youngsters made up of Mimi Force, her twin sibling, and her closest companion. What they have in like manner is the way that they are all Blue Bloods or vampires.


  • By These Ten Bones
  • After a baffling youthful wood carver with an alarming mystery touches base in her little Scottish town, Maddie picks up his trust and his heart and looks for an approach to spare both him and her townspeople from an antiquated abhorrence.

  • Evernight
  • Sixteen-year-old Bianca, another young lady at the vile Evernight all whole school, gets herself attracted to another parish, Jared, yet dark powers undermine to shred them and crush Bianca’s entire world.

  • Firewalker
  • Firewalker, the second in The Worldwalker Trilogy, grabs right where the past novel, Trial by Fire, leaves off. In this substitute universe, there is an unbounded measure of universes loaded with doppelgängers of practically every individual. Despite the fact that she needs to shroud her enchantment to stay safe, Lily can, at last, unwind at home after driving an enormous armed force and practically kicking the bucket.

  • Flipped
  • Two adolescents, who are neighbors, portray, in rotating sections, how their sentiments about each other, themselves, and their families change throughout the years, starting with their initially meeting at age seven.

  • Look for Me by Moonlight
  • While staying at the remote and supposedly spooky Maine motel keep running by her dad and pregnant stepmother, sixteen-year-old Cynda feels progressively confined from her father’s new family and discovers comfort in the considerations of an enchanting, however, baffling visitor.

  • Marked: A House of Night Novel
  • Marked: A House of Night Novel is set in a world especially like our own, aside from in 16-year-old Zoey Redbird’s reality, vampires have dependably existed. In this first book in the arrangement, Zoey goes into the House of Night, a school where, in the wake of having experienced the Change, she will prepare to wind up a grown-up vampire- – that is, whether she endures the Change.

  • Stardust
  • The tale of young Tristran Thorn and his enterprises in the place that is known for Faerie. He has gone gaga for first Victoria Forester and to win her hand, he should recover a fallen star and convey it to her.

  • Tantalize
  • At the point when different murders in Austin, Texas, debilitate the grand re-opening of her family’s vampire-themed eatery, seventeen-year-old, stranded Quincie stresses that her closest companion turned-love intrigue, Keiren, a werewolf-in-preparing, might be the prime suspect.

  • Vampire Kisses
  • Sixteen-year-old Raven, a pariah who dependably wears dark and plans to end up a vampire sometime in the not so distant future, experiences passionate feelings for the strange new kid around the local area, anxious to see whether he can make her fantasies work out.

  • Glass Sword
  • Part two of the Red Queen, Glass Sword heightens the battle between the revolt armed force and the blood-isolated world they’ve generally known. Female horse’s blood is red like normal people, yet her silver capacity permits her to control lightning, making her a weapon that the eminence tries to control. At the point when Mare finds she is not by any means the only one of her kind she goes on a trek to discover more — yet will the power lead her down a lethal way of getting to be her identity attempting to crush?



    1. Melissa de la Cruz is an American author known for her work in young adult fiction. She has written several series of young adult novels, including the Au Pair series and the Blue Bloods series:
      3.1 Blue Bloods
      3.2 Masquerade
      3.3 Revelations
      3.4 The Van Alen Legacy
      3.5 Misguided Angel
      3.6 Lost In Time
      3.7 Gates of Paradise
      3.8 Keys to the Repository (companion novel)
      3.9 Bloody Valentine (novella)
      3.10 Wolf Pact (Companion series)

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